This page was last updated: 30/03/2018

The course is primarily open to masters- and PhD-students. Upon special request, outstanding students at the end of their bachelors could apply as well. For most participating departments this course has the character of a so called ‘honours programme’. In general the course is aiming at students of disciplines that are dealing with issues related to the public domain (social sciences including e.g. sociology, political science, public administration and policy sciences, anthropology, European Studies, law, economics, organisational sciences etc.). The course is selective. The selection is made by the course directors and/or the participating institutes. After successful participation, all participants receive a certificate issued by the course directors and the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik.

These participants will join us to Dubrovnik for the 2018 course:

  1. Aneta Vondrová
    Czech Republic
  2. Bas Steendam
    The Netherlands
  3. Camilia Cîrstea
  4. Charlota Dědková
    Czech Republic
  5. Damjan Nikolovski
  6. Daniel Andersen
    Luxembourg / Denmark
  7. Eliza Archer
    Australia / Ireland
  8. Frouke van den Heuvel
    The Netherlands
  9. Geke Blokland
    The Netherlands
  10. Hayat Ben Masoud
    The Netherlands / Marocco
  11. Irina Pober
  12. Jan Krotký
    Czech Republic
  13. Johanna Kieroth
  14. Joost Jansen
    The Netherlands
  15. Kübra Özdemir Gümüşok
  16. Lars Brummel
    The Netherlands
  17. Lieke Brand
    Curaçao / The Netherlands
  18. Luka Petrović
  19. Maxime Dekkers
    The Netherlands
  20. Melita Smolić
  21. Mine Ekinci
  22. Mirthe de Kok
    The Netherlands
  23. Natalija Stojmenovič
  24. Patricija Topić
  25. Peter Gerbrands
    The Netherlands
  26. Peter Nafzger
    The Netherlands
  27. Sára Cigánková
    Czech Republic
  28. Saskia de vin
    The Netherlands
  29. Stavros Papadeas
  30. Stjepan Perko
  31. Thijs Taconis
    The Netherlands
  32. Zane de Ponte
    Aruba / The Netherlands