The course is primarily open to masters- and PhD-students. For most participating departments this course has the character of a so called ‘honors programme’. In general the course is aiming at students of disciplines that are dealing with issues related to the public domain (social sciences including e.g. sociology, political science, public administration and policy sciences, anthropology, European Studies, law, economics, organizational sciences etc.). The course is selective. The selection is made by the course directors and/or the participating institutes.

The following participants with 15 different nationalities will join the international course ‘Challenges of Europe: the Quest for Citizenship’ at the IUC-Dubrovnik in April 2014:

  1. Linda Barry (Guinea)
  2. Ladin Bayurgil (Turkey)
  3. Sven Broschinski (Germany)
  4. Ilteris Demir (Turkey)
  5. Jennifer Dowling (Ireland)
  6. Lamija Dzigal (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  7. Marije Faber (the Netherlands)
  8. Eraldin Fazliu (Kosovo)
  9. Gabriela Gorupec (Croatia, Sweden)
  10. Margrietha ’t Hart (the Netherlands)
  11. Kasim Ine (Turkey)
  12. Abdullayev Kanan (Azerbaijan)
  13. Edo Katančić (Croatia)
  14. Tomislav Kevo (Croatia)
  15. Elona Kodhel (Albania)
  16. Hester Kroeze (the Netherlands)
  17. Yvonne la Grouw (the Netherlands)
  18. Marina Lazëri (Albania)
  19. Benedikt Linden (Germany)
  20. Raphaël Lepot (the Netherlands, Belgium)
  21. Ivana Milenkovičová (Czech Republic)
  22. Marianne Oenema (the Netherlands)
  23. Mateja Penava (Croatia)
  24. Zuzana Révészová (Czech Republic)
  25. Irma Semini (Albania)
  26. Antanina Siamionova (Belarus)
  27. Emma Smit (the Netherlands)
  28. Wytse Sonnema (the Netherlands)
  29. Jasmina Trajkoska (Macedonia)
  30. Reinier van der Weele (the Netherlands)
  31. Erik-Jan van Dorp (the Netherlands)
  32. Camiel van Houdt (the Netherlands)
  33. Bram Vroege (the Netherlands)
  34. Rianne Warsen (the Netherlands)