Participant Papers

All participants wrote an academic paper on the basis of their presentation during the intensive part of the course at the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik. Here you can find the papers that are written following the 2014-course:


Sven Broschinski | Combating Social Exclusion through Activation Policies? The German Case

Erik-Jan van Dorp | Intergroup contact and European citizenship: reflections on community

Jennifer Dowling | United in Diversity? The Quest for an Irish European Identity

Eraldin Fazliu | The EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo: A Help or Hindrance?

Elona Kodhel | “Inclusive” Civil Society. Implications of Albania Civil Society activity since ‘90s

Hester Kroeze | The Difference between European Citizens and European Citizens. A Constitutional Equilibrium of Citizenship Concepts

Yvonne LaGrouw | Sharing the Pie of Equality. Gender Equality Policy and Intersectionality on a European Level

Marina Lazeri | Renegotiating Albanian Identity: European Transformations

Benedikt Linden | Trade Unions and the Free Movement of Labour: Heterogeneous Attitudes towards a Fundamental Citizens Right?

Ivana Milenkovicova | The Crisis of Direct Democracy:Phenomenon of Referendums  in Former Eastern Bloc

Marianne Oenema | A Needle in the Haystack. How to get to one clear idea on sexual citizenship in order to include non-heterosexuals into the citizenship debate

Zuzana Reveszova |A district for Everybody? Included through culture

Irma Semini | Disabled in Albania: a social constructionist perspective on integration between attitudes and EU policy

Antanina Siamionava | Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Attitudes: Eastern Europe in Focus

Emma Smit | Why should I care? Creating awareness on European elections

Jasmina Trajkoska | Western Balkans and EU in 2013

Bram Vroege | The Golden Path to Citizenship. A review of passport sale programmes in the light of earned citizenship theory

Rianne Warsen | Teaching Children how to feel? The role of national curricula in the creation of a European identity

Reinier van der Weele | The Erasmus programme: A Step towards European Identity