In this e-reader you can find different types of documents (books, papers and articles) written by or recommended by the resource-persons of the 2014-course. These papers reflect their work and/or are related to the subjects they will introduce during the course. The papers related to the 2014-course will be actualised frequently.

Useful websites regarding European citizenship:

Recommended readings regarding ‘citizenship theory‘:

Recommended reading by John Clarke:

  • Clark, J. (2014)Disputing Citizenship in an age of austerity (Paper for Symposium). The Open University UK.

Recommended readings by Viktor Koska MA:

  • Fox, J.E. (2003). National identities on the move: Transylvanian Hungarian labour migrants in Hungary. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 29(3), 449-466.
  • Korac, M. (2001). Cross-Ethnic Networks, Self-Reception System, and Functional Integration of Refugees From the Former Yugoslavia in Rome. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 2(1), 1-26.
  • Koska, V. (2008). Return and Reintegration of Minority Refugees: The Complexity of the Serbian Returnees Experiences in the Town of Glina. Politička misao, 45(5), 191–217.
  • Koska, V. (2014). Refugee integration and citizenship policies: the case study of Croatian Serbs in Vojvodina. To be published.

Recommended readings by Prof. dr. Trudie Knijn:

  • Le Bihan, B., Martin, C. & Knijn, T. (2013). Work and Care under Pressure: Care Arrangements across Europe. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. A limited preview of this book is available on google books.
Recommended readings by Prof. dr. Frans van Waarden:

Recommended readings by Prof. dr. Brigitte Unger:

Recommended readings by Prof. dr. Siniša Zrinščak:

  • Zrinscak, S. (2011). Church, State and Society in Post-Communist Europe. In: Jack Barbalet, Adam Possamai & Bryan S. Turner. Religion and the State: A Comparative Sociology. London: Anthem Press, 2011.
  • Zrinscak, S.; Jerolimov, D.M.; Marinovic, A. & Ancic, B. (2014). Church and State in Croatia: Legal Framework, Religious Instruction and Social Expectations. In: Sabrina P. Ramet (Eds.). Religion and Politics in Post-Socialist Central and Southeastern Europe. Challenges since 1989. Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy.

Recommended readings by Dr. Paul Stubbs:

  • Blagojević, M. (2000)Gender and Knowledge in the Balkan Semi-Periphery. Budapest: Altera MB – Research Centre on Gender and Ethnicity.
  • Stubbs and Zrinščak (2011). Rethinking Clientelism, Governance and Citizenship in Social Welfare: the case of Croatia. In: Sustainability and transformation in European Social Policy. Valencia: ESPANet Conference.
  • Stubbs and ZrinščakSocial Policy and Croatia’s EU Membership: Glass half full or half empty? Heinrich Boell Stiftung.