Assignments & Instructions

During the months preceding the course there will be assistance through information on this website and by e-mail. The final papers will be published on this website after the course. Furthermore the participants are expected to write a short summary of their own presentation and a short report on one of the other presentations. The summaries will be part of the hard copy and the e-version of the final report of the course.


Participants are obliged to give a workshop presentation and to prepare a paper in advance on research related to the central theme of the course. The participants will be asked to send in proposals for papers and workshop presentations. The proposals have to be related to the central theme of the course, but you can for instance choose (or combine) different angles to approach the central theme of the course, based on your own research from the last years or your own personal interests. For example:
  • identifying, describing and analysing new or changing forms of social exclusion on a local, national, regional or European level (and showing the citizenship dimension or European dimension of it).
  • focusing on and evaluating ways to address (intervention, public policy) forms of exclusion (and how relations with other countries and the EU influence these).
  • focusing specifically on the possibilities and limitations to address these issues on a European level or by the EU (in relation to citizenship rights).


The instructions you could be find by clicking on the following links:


  • March 16, 2014:
    • hand in a title and short outline of your presentation.
  • Before & during April 7-11, 2014:
    • preparation of your presentation.
  • May 5, 2014:
    • hand in a short (500-700 words) report on your own presentation and include some insights that came from the discussion.
    • hand in a short (500-700 words) report on the lecture or the debate your were the reporter of (only for those concerned).
  • May 31, 2014:
    • deadline final paper.

Outlines, reports and papers have to be send not later than the date of the deadline to course assistant Raphaƫl Lepot (