The course is primarily open to masters and Phd students. For most participating departments this course has the character of a so called ‘honors programme’. In general the course is aiming at students of disciplines that are dealing with issues related to the public domain (social sciences including e.g. sociology, political science, public administration and policy sciences, anthropology, European Studies, law, economics, organizational sciences etc.). The course is selective. The selection is made by the course directors and/or the participating institutes.

The following participants joined the international course ‘Challenges of Europe’, IUC-Dubrovnik 2012

  1. Ahmić, Maja, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  2. Belička, Ivan, Slovakia
  3. Blažejovská, Markéta, Czech Republic
  4. Blažević, Nermina, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  5. Burd, Hannah, United Kingdom
  6. Cadar, Lavinia, Romania
  7. Casasnovas, Andrea, Spain
  8. Desović, Pero, Croatia
  9. Falcke, Swantje, Germany
  10. Feijt, Luuk, The Netherlands
  11. Hoffmann, Drazen, Croatia
  12. Hryshyna, Tetiana, Ukrain
  13. Kavak, Sinem, Turkey
  14. Kerklaan, Wijnand, The Netherlands
  15. Kostadinovic, Nevena, Serbia
  16. Kotenko, Irina, Russia
  17. Kuhlmann, Leonie, The Netherlands
  18. Kurtulmuş, Alev Irmak, Turkey
  19. Lepot, Raphaël, The Netherlands, Belgium
  20. Miletic, Mina, Serbia
  21. Paić, Đorđe, Serbia
  22. Pantelic, Marina, Serbia
  23. Planjer, Zoey, The Netherlands
  24. Rutten, Cara, The Netherlands
  25. Şahin, Dinez, Turkey
  26. Stankovic, Dragana, Serbia
  27. Ten Kate, Josje, The Netherlands
  28. Tkachuk, Kateryna, Ukrain
  29. Van der Linde, Daan, The Netherlands
  30. Van de Pol, Sanne, The Netherlands
Hryshyna, Tetiana