In this e-reader you can find different types of documents (papers and articles) written by or recommended by the resource-persons of the 2012 course. These papers reflect their work and are related to the subjects they will introduce during the course.

Dr. Paul Stubbs

Stubbs, P. (2011). ‘Managing’ Consultancy?: Charisma, Competence and Translation in Transnational Spaces.

Prof. Dr. Frans van Waarden

An article about the tensions between democracy and the law: the judicature as technocracy:

Waarden, F. van (2011). All Power to the Judges? Three Questions, Three Paradoxes. Utrecht University

Does the EU has a democratic deficit?

Moravcsik, A. & Meny, Y. (2009). A Transatlantic Dialogue about Democracy and its Future. Florence: European University Institute.
Scharpf, F.W. (2010). The asymmetry of European integration, or why the EU cannot be a ‘social market economy’. Socio-Economic Review, 8, p. 211-250

An article about different European institutions and their problem solving capacity versus their democratic legitimacy:

Scharpf, F.W. (2001). What Have We Learned? Problem-Solving Capacity of the Multilevel European Polity. Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies