Participant papers (first series uploaded 09-07-2010)

Paper Marina Capkova
Retraining of young unemployed as a prevention of social exclusion in the time of crisis

Paper Giselle Diego
Chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow. Migrants and their experiences with inclusion and exclusion

Paper Joras Ferwerda
Criminals saved our banks: the effect of money laundering during the financial crisis

Paper Ivan Hromatko
Educational Theatre as the place for overcoming negative prejudice and discrimination

Paper Sandra Jacobs
Fanning the Flames or Criticizing the Credit? Media’s role in the Financial Crisis

Paper Jan Willem de Jong
EU-educational policy during the crisis: the need for competition

Paper Vladenka Kubenova
Czech tertiary education: Bologna process conpleted?

Who to vote in the time of crisis? The case of the Czech Republic

Paper Merel Luichies
Clean your house before you invite guests. How to make the Bologna process survive the financial crisis

Paper Veronika Marcinkova
Challenges and chances of financial crisis for achieving gender equality in the EU

Paper Frank Nieuwenhuizen
About the policy of an international organization to empower sexual minorities in Albania’s capital Tirana

Paper Evert Schot
Let’s talk of a ‘new’ Europe. The role of media in further creating a European Public Sphere

Paper Goran Tepsic
Cultural violence as an obstacle to social inclusion in the Balkans

Paper Dmytro Zaiets
Social inclusion: the heuristic potential of public art practices