The course is primarily open to masters- and PhD-students. Upon special request, outstanding students at the end of their bachelors could apply as well. For most participating departments this course has the character of a so called ‘honours programme’. In general the course is aiming at students of disciplines that are dealing with issues related to the public domain (social sciences including e.g. sociology, political science, public administration and policy sciences, anthropology, European Studies, law, economics, organisational sciences etc.). The course is selective. The selection is made by the course directors and/or the participating institutes. After successful participation, all participants receive a certificate issued by the course directors and the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik.

In the 2016-edition of the course, the following participants joined us in Dubrovnik:

  1. Laura de Leeuw (the Netherlands)
  2. Stefan Donselaar (the Netherlands)
  3. Rik Joosen (the Netherlands)
  4. Veerle Klijn (the Netherlands)
  5. Pablo Ribera Payá (Spain)
  6. Simon Stickelmann (Germany)
  7. Dominic Berkeley
  8. Vivian Visser (the Netherlands)
  9. Gijs Custers (the Netherlands)
  10. Iris Glas (the Netherlands)
  11. Alex Gilder (United Kingdom)
  12. Isabel Seeger (Germany)
  13. Sandra Gonza (Tanzania)
  14. Jihun (Nicole) Kim (South Korea)
  15. Anthony Marrevee (the Netherlands, the Bahamas)
  16. Kevin de Vos (the Netherlands)
  17. Tutku Ayhan (Turkey)
  18. Renan Akyavas (Turkey)
  19. Costin Serban (Rumania)
  20. Anca Ulman (Rumania)
  21. Lukas Kawerau (Germany)
  22. Felisha Aakster (the Netherlands)
  23. Nikola Jakubová (Czech Republic)
  24. Mária Kohútová (Slovakia)
  25. Kate Lišaníková (Czech Republic)
  26. Ondřej Malina (Czech Republic)
  27. Marek Bičan (Czech Republic)
  28. Maja Šarić (Croatia)
  29. Mateja Horvat (Slovenia)
  30. Petra Škokić (Croatia)
  31. Rastko Antić (Serbia, Australia)
  32. Jelena Stefanović (Serbia)
  33. Petra Šarić (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia)