The 2008 edition of the Dubrovnik course focussed on local freeze and global dynamics. All the participants wrote an article relating to one of the subjects.

1. Voices of minority positioning
Gerda Blees –  Minority languages, major opportunities?
Irina Bliznets – Chronic ideologisation and how to treat it.
Laszlo Kocsis –  One digit determines your life.
Marianne van Bochove –  The ethnic vote as a state of integration.

2. Transferring ideas on Europe
Alina Popescu –  The Italian mass media – a promoter of discriminatory practices towards the community of Romanians?
Eren Ozalay –  The idea of the west and Europe in Turkish education, stimulating or slowing down Europeanization?

3. Migration, different positions, different perceptions,  different proposals.
Sebastiaan van den Boogaard – Polish workers in the Netherlands
Lucia Pitelova –  Integration of immigrants: National or European level?
Eva van der Zee –  We will host you cheaper

4. Economy, integration and vulnerable welfare
Emanuel Botezatu – Wealthy Europe vs Poor Europe
Nikki Ikani –  The perverse effect of economic integration in the EU
Diana Rus – Tax competition: race to the bottom or race to the top
Kellie Sharpe –  Rumbles form the stomach of Europe
Davorka Vidovic –  Europeanization as a social shield for globalization

5. Democracy: limits, threats and ways forward
Tomas Punar –  Digital divide in the information society
Jana Sochorova – On the way to e-Governance
Rogier Elshout –  Structured dialogue: sturcturing the elite, cultivating exclusion
Laura Hinder – Making up for the democratic deficit: European identity and political participation

6. Multiculturalism and Identity
Nikola Popovic –  Multiculturalism as pre-requisite for establishing a new and necessary European identity.
Pavel Cmiel –  European identity: condition for innovation?
Rianne Dekker –  Privatizationthesis reconsidered
Michaela Kvasnova –  Dark side of multiculturalism

7. Integration segregation
Olena Gladka –  Investment in human resources as a way of eurointegration for Ukraine
Peter Stelescu – The Roma problem
Astrid Molenveld –  Education drop out by non European migrants in the Netherlands
Friso van Houdt – Citizenship as instrument of biopower

8. Culture exclusion and integration
Hana Musilova –  The problem of social exclusion in the future society according to science fiction movies
Jolana Dikovic – From cultural action towards cultural integration

9. Conflicts and responsibilities
Dionne Zeldenrijk –  Europe on the world stage
Anna Maria Olteanu – The European Union and the local freeze: the Cyprus conflict

10. Rights and refugees
Gokcen Yilmaz – Refugees: what drove them to Turkey?
Iza Kavedzija – How fair is equal?
Gul Catir –  Long waited or unwelcome guests, the logic of reception mechanisms of a receiving state.

11. How do we do?
Radu Restivan –  Coming to a stand still: Romanian environmental practices after accession in the EU
Olena Muradyna –  Social exclusion and social well-being: Ukraine in comparison with Europe