Organization & Contact

Course directors

Responsible for the format and the content of the course of 2016 are the course directors:

  • Prof. dr. Wieger Bakker (Utrecht University, Utrecht School of Governance)
  • Viktor Koska MA (Zagreb University, Faculty of Political Science)
  • Prof. dr. Ladislav Rabusic (Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Social Studies)
  • Dr. Paul Stubbs (The Institute of Economics, Zagreb)



Coördination & Website

The coordination of the project, logistical support and the mastering of the website are facilitated by the Utrecht School of Governance. If you have any questions about the project or the website, please contact Raphaël Lepot (course assistant,

This project is initiated and over the years made possible through the cooperation of the following institutions and persons:

Babes Bolyai University, Faculty of European Studies, Cluj Napoca, Romania (Dr. Mircea Maniu, Dr. Florin Duma)

Bogazici University, Dept. of Political Science and International Relations, Turkey (Prof. dr. Hakan Yilmaz)

Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Prof. dr. Godfried Engbersen)

The Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Masaryk University, School of Social Studies, Brno, Czech Republic (Prof. dr.  Ladislav Rabusic)

University of Humanistics, Utrecht, The Netherlands (late Prof. dr. Douwe van Houten);

Utrecht University, Utrecht School of Governance, The Netherlands (Prof. Dr. Wieger Bakker)