Course History

The 2014 course is the 9th edition of a bi annual series of courses of which Inclusion and Exclusion in Contemporary European Societies is the central theme. In 1998 the emphasis was on the exploration of the concept In- and Exclusion. In 2000 there was an accent on empirical data. The edition of 2002 paid extra attention to Inclusion and Exclusion in terms of (policy and governmental and non-governmental) intervention. In 2004 the course focussed on the EU-enlargement and the future of ‘civil society’ and ‘governance’. In 2006 we were looking at the dilemmas in dealing with diversity and the directions that are open for action and in 2008 we focussed on the emerging paradoxical trend of a Europe that is on the one hand becoming more provincial, parochial and frozen and on the other hand becoming more dynamic, cosmopolitan and a global player. In 2010 we already focused on the consequences of the financial crisis for exclusion and inclusion in the EU. During our last course in 2012 we paid attention to the ways in which soft power, compared to hard power, could contribute in solving social problems.

More information about the previous editions of the course ‘Challenges of Europe. Inclusion and Exclusion in Contemporary European Societies’ could be found at the page ‘Previous Editions‘.