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The applications for the 2016-course are open!

From April 18 to 22 2016 the 10th edition of course Challenges of Europe will be organised at the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik. Approximately 35 Graduate and PhD students and 12 lecturers and researchers from different countries across Europe and from different disciplines, will gather together at the Inter University Centre (IUC) Dubrovnik (Croatia) for discussion and debate on various topics related to human security.

Europe is struggling with human security. Human Security, a concept developed by the UN in 1994, refers to security threats individuals experience, which go beyond national security and are related to global or regional developments, conflicts and crisis. The course questions how Human Security is threatened in European societies today and how new and emerging forms of social exclusion of vulnerable groups are associated with these threats. Both military conflicts (the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the IS in Syria, Iraq and North Africa, etc.); the financial and economic crises and following austerity policies; global warming and environmental problems have lots of social and political effects (nationalistic tendencies, migration, terrorism and xenofobia, etc.) that will be addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Course directors are: Dr. Wieger Bakker (Utrecht University, Utrecht School of Governance), Viktor Koska MA (Zagreb University, Faculty of Political Science), Prof. dr. Ladislav Rabusic (Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Social Studies) and Dr. Paul Stubbs (The Institute of Economics, Zagreb).

More information on the content, the international staff and on how to apply are published. Please visit the pages on the 2016-course to read further. Are you already interested in the course description? Please click here to open the PDF-file. Do you want know to more about the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik and its mission and activities? Please check their website or become member of their Facebook.

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